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I offer Ghost and Entity Removal from Individual's'

Their home's and Their land.

I do it Remotely and in Person.

When done Remotely it can be done no matter where you are in the world.

I have already done it for Individual's in America' Britain'Australia'Sweden'Ireland

France and Jamaica.

When I do it Remotely I use the Power of Intention and also Journey to the Spirit World for help in Removing the Ghost or Entity.

If you require it done Remotely I will need Photo's of the Residence that is suspected'

The land around it if applicable.

If it's for an Individual I will need a Photo of the Person to be cleared.

All detail's can be sent to my Email which is [email protected]

Cost of Remote Clearing is 200 Euro and can be Paid by Paypal with the button below. 

Ghost/Spirit/Entity Removal

For Call Out's Price available on Request.For Individual Clearing one can Book me for a 1 to 1 @ 086 3314053