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Shamanic Counselling is for individuals who have ongoing symptoms that may have impacted their lives and stopped them from moving on.

Shamanic Healing will help individual's with ''

1) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

2) Pre Menstrual Syndrome.

3) Phobias.

4) Trauma.

6) Depression.

7) Anxiety.

8) Severe Stress.

9) Emotional Problems.

10) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

12) Anorexia Nervosa

Physical Ailments

1) Persistent Sore Throat.

2) Hearing Problems.

3) Backpain.

4) Arthritis.

5) Joint Problems.

6) Severe Heartburn.

7) Skin Disorders.

9) Migraines/ Headaches.

10) Pelvic Pain.

11) Speech Impedement.

These ailments are very treatable with Shamanic Counselling. If you have Physical or Emotional Symptoms for a long time and they have not gone away even with conventional medicine Shamanic Counselling may help you. If you have a problem that is not listed above ' You can contact me . I may be able to help you.

Shamanic Counselling works on a soul level.

Some times in life we are faced with challenges that we may not be able to cope with. If we dont deal or intergrate the emotions that arise from these challenges as they happen we may bury them.

It may be the only option for us at times in our life .Sometimes the original event can get decoded in the wrong way in our sub concious minds. It can happen years later that the original event that has not intergrated fully will come back.

When it does come back it can present itself as emotional upheavel or physical distress. An example would be if a woman in her thirties has severe PMS which never bothered her before could actually be a symptom of past unresolved conflict. PMS is closely related to the Creative Chakra on a Shamanic level.It can be related to a womans sexual organs and how she percieves herself sexually. Self esteem and confidence may be at an all time low.

Another example would be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If a young child is sexually abused in childhood and has no way to escape this abuse or anyone to confide in '' The only option may be to '' bury it deep down. Years later this child who is now an adult might be producing distressing symptoms. From flashbacks to hyper vigilance. As an adult this person may not even realize that abuse had taken place within their childhood.

Some people might say'' How can a person forget that type of abuse. Children are masters at splitting off their feelings and emotions.If a child is badly abused and has no one to turn to then the obvious choice is to actually pretend these things are not happening. Abuse is very traumatizing to a young child. Over time the abuse can come back to haunt the adult. It can come in the form of flashbacks and severe anxiety. Triggers in the environment can actually trigger an unconcious response.

The adult that has no memory of abuse can be re traumatized leaving the adult feeling helpless and confused. If you feel you may have repressed memories of sexual abuse the signs are as follows.

1 ) Severe Depression.

2) Numbing of feelings.

3) Splitting or Dissassociating.

4) Extreme anger outbursts.

5) Flashbacks ( examples :Images of genitals appearing at odd times accompanied by anxiety. Intense migraines which can signal a memory is returning. Body memories . An example of a body memory is extreme anxiety to something sexually orientated that seems to feel like an over reaction while it is happening. Sometimes when people get flashbacks they cannot make sense of them because the majority of times they cannot remember the abuse.

6) Extreme fear of intimacy.

7) Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors.

8) A strong need to control.

9) Sexual Problems And Fear Of Sex.

10) Self Loathing.

11) A fear of losing ones own mind.

This is only a very small list of symptoms . Some people who have not been sexually abused may have some off the above symptoms also. Sometimes the best symptom is a gut feeling. If you suspect you may have been sexually abused and the symptoms are pointing in that direction please talk to a Counsellor. A lot of women have suspected they were abused and eventually have found out they were.

If you know you were sexually abused as a child and are still suffering the consequences '' I suggest you read a book called '' The Courage To Heal. Author Ellen Bass.

You will find it on

Shamanic Healing covers a large range of Emotional and Physical disorders.

You can contact me for more information.