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Shamanic Healing Also Available Remotely Or In Person

This Healing is non invasive and is a soul Healing.People generally come for this alternative treatment when a lot of other things fail .Be advised this Healing is not to be used as a replacement for medical treatment but to be used in conjunction with it.

If you have any of these signs Shamanic Healing will be of help to you.

A feeling of emptiness .

Depression with no knowing cause.

Attracting the wrong people constantly in Relationships.

A feeling that part of you is missing.

Extreme Nightmares.


A feeling of something wrong that you cant move forward in life and things are not happening for you.

If you feel you are having bad luck.

Physically having pains in the sides of the tummy.


Back pain with no known cause.

A feeling that a presence may be around you or your home .

Seeing shadows all the time.

Now these just some of the signs.

I can do Shamanic Healing Remotely and have done in Many Countries . If you require Remote Shamanic Healing press on the Pay pal link below at bottom.

Cost is 200 Euro.

When ordered please include your information and why you need it and also a Headshot of you and age .Please send to [email protected]

When I have completed the Shamanic Healing I will write up a detailed report and send it over to your email.

For 1 to 1 in Person Contact (086) 3314053.

Remote Shamanic Healing

(Disclaimer: Shamanic Healing is not to be used as a substitute for Medical Treatment )