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Shamanic Healing is an ancient tribal healing practised by native americans and aboriginal cultures.

The healing itself will benefit

individuals who feel as if there is something missing in their lives ' deep emotional wounds...

And for individuals who feel as if they have basically been ''cursed ''or have had a run off bad luck throughout their lives.

It works on the physical body also.Individuals that have had no improvement in the conventional medicine are more likely to seek out this alternative treatment.

Shamanic Healing is very beneficial for Deep Healing . I have Clients all around the world that are experiencing the effects off this Powerful Healing. It works on the Emotions as well as the Physical Body.

Another aspect of Shamanic Healing is soul loss. Soul loss symptoms in an individual is a feeling that part of them is missing. If you think off the body like a jigsaw puzzle at some time, some individuals will experience traumatic incidences that leave that person feeling split or missing. As a Shaman my job is to go back and find that missing'' piece off the puzzle '' so to speak and bring it back to the client. The benefits include more balance and a feeling off being more complete.

If you would like more information on this healing please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shamanic Healing will also benefit people that feel they have been invaded by ghosts or entities.

I am now offering Shamanic Healing Via Video Skype Chat ..

Payments are accepted by Paypal for online sessions.

Cost is 90 euro per session. Press the Buy now button below to be directed to Paypal...

Shamanic Healing Via Skype

Shamanic Healing is also available in Private in Person.

Please contact me for more details.

( 086 ) 3314053

Disclaimer: Shamanic Healing Is Not To Be Used As A Substitute For

Medical Treatment .